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Working Principle Diagram

Our 2-phase separation horizontal decanter centrifuge is developed based on the technology of Germany Humboldt Wedag International AG, as well as our years of market research and practices. It can be used for concentration, clarification, dehydration, the integrated concentration and dehydration, particle size classification and so on.

Working Principle
The 2-phase separation horizontal decanter centrifuge is a kind of equipment which can separate suspensions using the centrifugal sedimentation principle.

1. After the suspensions to be separated enter into the rotating bowl of the product, the solid phase particles with higher density than the liquid phase will quickly deposit to the inner wall of the bowl under the powerful centrifugal force.
2. The internal screw conveyor will revolve fast and move the solid phase sediment to the dewatering zone at the small end of rotating bowl for further dehydration.
3. Then, the dehydrated solid phase will be discharged from the slagging hole and the separated supernatant will be drained out from the overflow weir at the big end of the bowl.

Technical Parameters
Item Applicable Range Remarks
Feed Concentration (by volume) ≤70%
Size of Solid Phase Particles Which Can Be Separated ≥3μm
Process Temperature -10°C ~ +90°C The sludge is able to flow by itself at a low temperature.
Liquid-Solid Density Difference 0.05g/cm3 When the solid density is high, the feed rate and the speed of rotating bowl shall be controlled.
pH Value 4~11 The corrosion resistant property of the material shall be considered.
Introduction of Different Models
Model Maximum Production
Capacity * (m3/h)
Maximum Slagging
Capacity * (m3/h)
Main Motor
Power (kW)
** (kg)
Dimensions **
LW220 5 0.4 7.5~11 760 1600×1100×850
LW300 15 0.8 11~15 1500 2470×1230×850
LW350 20 1.2 15~22 2000 2790×1300×880
LW400 30 2.0 18.5~30 2600 2950×1400×850
LW450 45 2.5 22~37 3200 3300×1500×920
LW530 80 5.0 37~55 5200 3730×1600×1100
LW580 90 8.0 55~90 7000 4000×1400×1600
LW650 100 13.0 75~110 8500 4300×1900×1350
LW760 150 21.0 110~160 15000 5000×2500×1500
LW900 240 35.0 132~200 20000 6500×2700×1500
LW1100 400 64.0 200~315 25000 7000×3000×1700

* The actual processing capacity rests with the specific weight of slurry and actual applications.
** Parameters of the hydraulic-driven centrifuge.

Application Cases

As a specialized 2-phase separation horizontal decanter centrifuge manufacturer and supplier in China, we also provide sludge dewatering system, biological centrifuge, horizontal screw filtering centrifuge, peristaltic pump, and more.

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