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The 3-phase separation horizontal decanter centrifuge is developed on the basis of technology of Germany Humboldt Wedag International AG and our years of sufficient market research and practices.

The rotor and housing of this product are both made of 316L stainless steel. The chassis and important seals are manufactured from carbon steel and fluororubber, respectively. The crucial parts adopt hard alloy for excellent wear resistance. Our product also makes use of the mechanical differential and the multi-point automatic centralized lubrication system. This 3-phase separation horizontal decanter centrifuge is a preferred solution to three phase separation of palm oil, olive oil, mandarin oil, flotation sludge, food sludge, etc.

Technical Specifications
1. Inner Diameter of Rotating Bowl: 450mm
2. L/D Ratio: 5.0
3. Rotation Speed: 3,000RPM
4. Motor Power:  45 ~55kW
5. Dimension: 4270×1100×1700mm

Process Parameters in Palm Oil Production
1. Handling Cpacity: 20~25 m3
2. Recovery Rate of Palm Oil: >98%
3. Material Temperature: 90°C ~100°C

Working Principle
This 3-phase separation horizontal decanter centrifuge is primarily employed for solid-liquid-liquid separation, namely the simultaneous separation of one solid phase and two immiscible liquid phases with different densities. The premise is that the solid phase is the heaviest. The working principle can be explicated as follows.

Under the centrifugal force, the material will be formed with three relatively stable layers including solid phase layer, as well as heavy and light liquid layers, from the bowl wall to the inside. The solid phase will be driven to the small end of the rotary bowl by the screw conveyor and then will be expelled from the slagging hole. The heavy and light liquid phases will flow towards the big end of the rotating bowl along passages among screw flights and then will be drained from different outlets. Therefore, the continuous 3-phase separation is achieved.


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