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The GQ200 high speed tubular centrifuge is a newly developed centrifugal machine with great capacity. The diameter of its rotary bowl is up to 200mm. With the development of the biological and pharmaceutical industry, this product has significantly improved the production efficiency and it is capable of further meeting the demands of these industries for production efficiency improvement. As compared with traditional products, this cylindrical bowl centrifugal machine has following improvements.




Technical Parameters
Model Separation Factor ID of Bowl (mm) Bowl Length (mm) Bowl Volume (L) Rotation Speed (RPM) Production Capacity (m3/h) Motor Power (kW) Weight (kg) Dimension (L×W×H) (mm)
GQ200 15000 200 810 20 11500 2 5.5 1000 900×600×1700

1. The timing belt is adopted by this product for transmission, successfully overcoming the slippage problem which possibly occurs when the traditional flat belt is used. It is able to maintain stable rotation speed at a high speed while not needing any pinch roller.
2. This high speed tubular centrifuge makes use of the coupling, thus lowering installation requirements and reducing the impact of vibration. The bearing sleeve guarantees the rotation accuracy.
3. The damping seat is added to absorb vibration via the damping.

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