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The sludge feeding system is made up of the sludge cutting machine, sludge feed pump, electromagnetic flowmeter, electrically operated valve, manually operated valve, pipeline, ultrasonic level gauge in the quenching and high temperature tempering tank, ultrasonic level gauge, turbimeter at the separation medium outlet, etc.

The sludge cutting machine, as an important device in the whole sludge feeding system, is mainly used to cut up fiber entanglement in the sludge. To be specific, the geared motor drives the spindle device to make the cutter rotate at a high speed. The sludge enters into the shell cavity from the feed end of the shell. After the fiber entanglement is cutup with the shear force generated between the cutter and cutter head, the sludge moves into the centrifuge for dehydration, thus the centrifuge is able to works stably.

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