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The polymer feed system with 2 or 3 zones is an automatic mechanical device which can make polymer solution out of PAM powder. Fed in batches, the flocculant particles can be fully ripened to achieve desired effects.

This polymer feed system can be remote controlled by the electrical control system in a safe, convenient and reliable way. It also has a wide application range and is especially suitable for municipal domestic sewage treatment, industrial wastewater treatment and other industries that need flocculant solution. We can also supply custom designed products to meet customers'particular requirements.

Technical Parameters

Models Preparation Concentration (‰) Preparation Capacity (m3/h) Motor Power (kW)
PY3-1000 1~3 1.0 2.0
PY3-2000 1~3 2.0 2.0
PY3-3000 1~3 3.5 2.0
PY3-4000 1~3 5.0 3.0
PY3-5000 1~3 6.0 3.0
PY3-10000 1~3 12.0 5.0

Notes: The number of dosing points is decided upon requirements of customers.

Working Principle
1. The PAM powder passes through the powder feed device and then is measured by the feeding meter.
2. The mixed liquor is conveyed to the agitator in the form of jet flow. Via the mild stirring, the flocculating agent becomes fully dissolved and flows into the liquid storage barrel through the electrically controlled valve.
3. It can be pumped out when needed by use of the dosing pump and then is mixed with dilution water in the blender.
4. Afterwards, the diluted flocculating agent moves into the centrifuge or other separating systems so as to make small particles in the materials agglomerate into large particles, thus achieving the solid-liquid separation.
5. Adding flocculating agent into the industrial sewage and municipal wastewater can improve the processing capacity of separating equipment.
6. The water inflow and the amount of flocculating agent can be regulated with the assistance of valves and dosing pump in order to get satisfying separation effects and economic gains.

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