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The LSS series screw conveyor is a key device in the sludge conveying system. It is designed without the shaft and the U-shaped conveying trough is enclosed but the upper cover can be opened. Therefore, the screw conveyor is particularly great for transportation of pollutant, odorous, dangerous, bridging and cleaning materials.

Without the shaft, the screw conveyor carries materials by use of a strong rotating steel screw. Such a design can effectively avoid blockage and the impact of entanglement. Thus, the screw conveyor is capable of conveying materials in different dimensions more conveniently.  It is able to efficiently deliver dry, wet, sticky, rough as well as powdery materials. At present, the screw conveying system has been widely applied in wastewater treatment, industrial production as well as other fields.

Technical Specifications
No. Type Flow Rate (m3/h) Motor Power (kW) Main Dimension (mm)
Horizontal Declining U-shaped Conveying Trough Screw
1 LSS200 1.2 1.1 1.5 200 160
2 LSS260 2.8 1.5 2.2 260 215
3 LSS320 6.5 2.2 3 320 280
4 LSS360 9 3 4 360 315
5 LSS420 14 4 5.5 420 360
6 LSS500 17 5.5 7.5 500 420

Note: 1. Horizontal β=0°, L=5m, n=15r/m; Declining β=25°, L=5m, n=32r/m. These values are for reference.
2. β stands for the mounting angle and L represents the length of the screw conveyor.
3. Thickness of screw is between16 and 30mm. Thickness of polyurethane lining is 10 mm.
4. These specifications may vary to be fit for different kinds of materials. 

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