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The automatic control system we supply here is mainly composed of 3 types, the simple type, PLC type as well as PC computer + PLC type. These types can be illustrated as follows.

1. Simple Type
The simple type is mostly made up of conventional electrical control components. By using it, the main centrifugal machine, feed system, dosing system and dispensing system can achieve automatic or manual operation. As for important equipment, this simple type can provide operation monitoring, failure warning, interlock protection, etc. It can satisfy control requirements of the single complete set of equipment.

2. PLC Type
Owing to stable performance, strong interference resistance, safe and reliable operation, flexible configuration and software programming function, the PLC type has been extensively applied in various industrial automatic control systems.

The PLC type we provide here is excellent for such applications that have sophisticated sludge dewatering techniques and high technical requirements. It can automatically adjust the differential speed and feed rate. With quite a high degree of automation, the PLC control system can realize unmanned operation and can display various kinds of technique parameters. It can also monitor and alarm nearly 30 kinds of abnormal operation states of a variety of equipment as well as supply interlocking protection. This makes the whole working system more safe and reliable.

3. PC Computer + PLC Type

Seven Analog Signals

1. Main Bearing Temperatures
2. Main Drive Load
3. Flow Rate of Input Product
4. Flow Rate of Polymer
5. Rotation Speed of Rotary Bowl
6. Differential Speed
7. Remote Transmission

Nine Digital Signals
1. System Alarm (Main)
2. System Mode (Auto/Manual)
3. Lubrication System Status
4. Main Motor Runtime/Status
5. Conveyor Motor Runtime/Status
6. Hydraulic Motor Runtime/Status
7. Polymer System Runtime/Status
8. Feed Pump Runtime/Status
9. Trouble Monitoring & Alarming

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