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Working Principle Diagram

Our horizontal screw filtering centrifuge separates suspensions in accordance with the filtration principle. It can achieve both solid-liquid separation and centrifugal dehydration of suspensions with the diameter of solid phase particles being 0.1 to 9mm and concentration range between 10 and 75%. This product can also be supplied with the washing function.

Technical Parameters
Model Diameter of the Big Bowl End
Max. Rotation Speed
Power of Main Motor
(L×W×H) (mm)
LWL350 350 3000 7.5~11 1000 1000×1200×950
LW L450 450 2300 15~22 2500 1150×1500×1150
LW L560 560 2000 22~30 3000 1350×1800×1300

The horizontal screw filtering centrifuge comes with a variety of features, such as compact structure, small floor space, convenient operation and maintenance, continuous running, automatic discharge, high solid-phase dewatering rate and separation efficiency, etc. This product has the ability to dramatically cut down the costs spent on thermal drying of materials and to even eliminate the drying process. Owing to above advantages, the filtering centrifugal equipment has enjoyed great popularity in chemical, food, chemical fiber, salt and alkali manufacturing, as well as other industries.

As an experienced horizontal screw filtering centrifuge manufacturer and supplier in China, SCI provides a wide range of products, including high speed desktop refrigerated centrifuge, sludge dewatering system, high speed tubular centrifuge, and more.

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