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The peristaltic pump delivers liquids through the peristalsis of the hose driven by the rotating rollers. The hose of this product is made of strictly selected non-toxic silicon rubber or PVC which is in full conformity with hygienic standards in biochemistry and medicine fields. The liquid being transported flows only inside the hose, not in contact with other parts of this transmission device. Accordingly, there is no dead zone for cleaning and possible contamination is successfully avoided.




Technical Parameters
Model Rotation Speed (RPM) Flow (L/min) Pressure (MPa) Motor Power (w) Voltage (V) Weight (kg) Overall Dimension (L×W×H) (mm) Hose Dimension
RB-10 200~700 4~10 0.15 220 ~380 12 460×200×210 φ10×16.5

In addition to a novelty design, simple structure, convenient operation as well as easy cleaning and disinfection, this peristaltic pump also boasts infinitely variable speeds for flow regulation as well as exceptional adaptability to high humidity environments. It is an ideal choice for pumping blood and other liquids in medical, biochemical and pharmaceutical industries. Moreover, this product is also great for transportation of liquids in other industries.

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