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The GL-21M high speed refrigerated centrifuge is ideal separating equipment for biological, medical, pharmaceutical, epidemic prevention as well as other fields.

This separation device has integrated multiple internationally advanced technologies. The CPU computer system makes fully automated the machine operation, rotor identification, failure warning as well as other aspects. The imported high performance frequency converter makes the driving system of the closed loop control own higher stability and reliability but produce less noise. The imported high power compressor guarantees required processing temperature conditions. Additionally, this high speed refrigerated centrifuge also comes with a unique appearance.

Technical Parameters
Item Data
Max. Rotation Speed 1000 RPM
Max. Relative Centrifugal Force 50400×g
Max. Rotor Capacity 6×500ml
Temperature Range 0~40°C
Weight 320kg
Overall Dimension 740×900×1080(mm)
Power Motor: 2.2W
Compressor 1.3W
Power Supply AC 220V
Technical Parameters of Rotor
Rotor Type J-21 J-18 J-15 J-10
Max. Rotation Speed (RPM) 21000 18000 15000 10000
Max. Capacity (ml) 18×10 8×50 6×250 6×500
Max. Relative Centrifugal Force 50400×g 39200×g 34800×g 17800×g

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