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The TL-18M high speed desktop refrigerated centrifuge features small size, compact structure and light weight. Owing to the strong compatibility, it can be fitted with a variety of rotors for option, such as horizontal type, blade type, microplate type and angle type. This product has a wide sphere of application. It is the important equipment used for fast separation of various cells and particle samples in medicine and health, biochemistry, scientific research as well as other sectors.

Technical Parameters
Item Data
Max. Rotation Speed 18000 RPM
Max. Relative Centrifugal Force 22700×g
Max. Rotor Capacity 4×100ml
Temperature Range 0~ 40°C
Weight 80kg
Overall Dimension 790×590×440(mm)
Power Motor: 550W, Compressor 250W
Power Supply AC 220V
Technical Parameters of Rotor
Rotor Type W3-96B S4-100 C7-1.5 J14-10 J16-1.5 J18-5 J18-1.5
Max. Rotation
Speed (RPM)
3000 4000 7000 14000 16000 18000 18000
Max. Capacity(ml) 2×96 4×100,12×15,16×10 40×1.5 8×10 24×1.5 6×5 12×1.5
Max. Relative
Centrifugal Force
1100×g 2550×g 5000×g 15500×g 21200×g 21800×g 22700×g

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