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The TL-4.7 W cell washing centrifuge is designed with the brushless DC motor. It has been widely used in laboratories of immunohematology. This product can be applied for red blood serological tests to identify antigen and antibody, as well as for judgments of Qom's test results, etc. It is an essential instrument for hospital blood banks, laboratories, medical colleges, medical research institutes, etc.

Technical Parameters
Item Max.Rotation
Max. Relative
Centrifugal Force
Max.Capacity Weight Free Mode Overall
Power Three Fixed Modes Power Supply
Data 4700(RPM) 2300×g 12×8ml 10.5 kg 0~4700 RPM infinitely variable speeds, timing: 0-999s 300×260×
80kW 2300 RPM, 62s;
3300 RPM, 18s;
3300 RPM, 62s;

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Alternative Machine for Cell Washing and Decanting | Cell Washing System

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