Biological Centrifuge

    1. GL-21M High Speed Refrigerated CentrifugeThis separation device has integrated multiple internationally advanced technologies. The CPU computer system makes fully automated the machine operation, rotor identification, failure warning as well as other aspects. The imported high performance frequency converter makes the driving system of the closed loop control own higher stability and reliability but produce less noise.
    1. TL-18M High Speed Desktop Refrigerated CentrifugeThe TL-18M high speed desktop refrigerated centrifuge features small size, compact structure and light weight. Owing to the strong compatibility, it can be fitted with a variety of rotors for option, such as horizontal type, blade type, microplate type and angle type. This product has a wide sphere of application. It is the important equipment used for fast separation of various cells and particle samples in medicine and health, biochemistry, scientific research as well as other sectors.
    1. TL-5.0W MicrocentrifugeThe TL-5.0W microcentrifuge is a kind of equipment extensively employed for separating ingredients of samples in the filed of biology, chemistry, medicine, etc. In addition to small volume and appealing appearance, it is also characterized by high separation factor and control accuracy, great suitability for various rotors, high cost effectiveness, etc. This product is an ideal choice for hospital, research institute as well as other departments.
    1. TL-4.7W Cell Washing CentrifugeThe TL-4.7 W cell washing centrifuge is designed with the brushless DC motor. It has been widely used in laboratories of immunohematology. This product can be applied for red blood serological tests to identify antigen and antibody, as well as for judgments of Qom's test results, etc. It is an essential instrument for hospital blood banks, laboratories, medical colleges, medical research institutes, etc.
    1. LC-6M High Capacity Refrigerated CentrifugeThe CPU computer control system adopted by this product is available with 1 to 9 gears for speed acceleration and deceleration. It can program 9 stored procedures, as well as supply digital display of rotation speed, temperature and time. This system also has protection functions, such as security alarm for over speed, imbalance, excessive temperature, belt breakage, etc.
    1. DL-8M Refrigerated CentrifugeThe DL-8M refrigerated centrifuge is characterized by the simple structure, high capacity, convenient operation and wide application range. It can be equipped with various conventional tubes and vials. Additionally, this centrifugal device adopts high strength protective layer and protection measures against imbalance, over speed and over temperature. Its imported main unit, including refrigeration unit and frequency inverter, boasts high safety and reliability but low noise.

The biological centrifuge, also named as the laboratory centrifuge, can be supplied in 7 types including GL-21M high speed refrigerated type, TL-18M high speed desktop refrigerated type, TL-5.0W microcentrifuge, TL-4.7W cell washing type, LC-6M high capacity refrigerated type as well as DL-8M refrigerated type.

On the basis of the centrifugal force generated by the rotor, this product separates substances having different densities and particle sizes in the suspension and emulsion. It can make an analysis while separating materials.

By now, this biological centrifuge has been widely used for medical treatment in  hospital, CDC, blood center, etc., for research in institutions of higher education, research institute, R &D center, etc. as well as for production in bioengineering, biopharming, food processing, etc.

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