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  • 2-Phase Separation Horizontal Decanter CentrifugeOur 2-phase separation horizontal decanter centrifuge is developed based on the technology of Germany Humboldt Wedag International AG, as well as our years of market research and practices. It can be used for concentration, clarification, dehydration, the integrated concentration and dehydration, particle size classification and so on.
  • 3-Phase Separation Horizontal Decanter CentrifugeThe rotor and housing of this product are both made of 316L stainless steel. The chassis and important seals are manufactured from carbon steel and fluororubber, respectively. The crucial parts adopt hard alloy for excellent wear resistance. Our product also makes use of the mechanical differential and the multi-point automatic centralized lubrication system.
    1. GQ105 High Speed Tubular CentrifugeThis product is a kind of solid-liquid separator with high separation factors. It is applicable to separate liquid and solid mediums characterized by low concentration, small particles, high viscosity coupled with small specific gravity differences. The high speed tubular centrifuge is primarily ideal for the suspensions which are hard to be separated and possess small solid content.
    1. GF105 High Speed Tubular CentrifugeThe GF105 high speed tubular centrifuge is a liquid-liquid separator featuring high separation factors. It is mainly suited to separate emulsion. In such a case, two kinds of liquids with different densities are separated from each other and meanwhile small quantities of solids are eliminated. This product is designed with a round enclosure which is either painted or made of stainless steel via the one piece casting technique.
    1. GQ105G High Speed Tubular CentrifugeThis product comes with a square housing which is encased with stainless steel internally and externally. Cooling pipes with large areas can be optionally fitted inside the housing for excellent cooling effects according to customers' requests. The internal spare parts in touch with materials are all made of 316L stainless steel. At present, this high speed tubular centrifuge has found an extensive range of applications in biological products, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, beverages, etc.
    1. GQ76 High Speed Tubular CentrifugeThis high speed tubular centrifuge is a small centrifugal machine with high separation factor. It is primarily employed for a variety of suspensions hard to be separated and with small solid content. This product is also a preferred solution to separation of solid and liquid mediums boasting low concentration, small particles, relatively high viscosity plus small specific gravity difference.
    1. GQ142G High Speed Tubular CentrifugeThe GQ142G high speed tubular centrifuge features a square housing with a door. The housing is wrapped with stainless steel both inside and outside. The internal spare parts contacting with materials are all manufactured from 316L stainless steel. Additionally, the cooling pipes with large areas are mounted within the housing for exceptional cooling effects. This product is also convenient to install and disassemble.
    1. GQ200 High Speed Tubular CentrifugeThe GQ200 high speed tubular centrifuge is a newly developed centrifugal machine with great capacity. The diameter of its rotary bowl is up to 200mm. With the development of the biological and pharmaceutical industry, this product has significantly improved the production efficiency and it is capable of further meeting the demands of these industries for production efficiency improvement.
    1. Sludge Feeding SystemThe sludge feeding system is made up of the sludge cutting machine, sludge feed pump, electromagnetic flowmeter, electrically operated valve, manually operated valve, pipeline, ultrasonic level gauge in the quenching and high temperature tempering tank, ultrasonic level gauge, turbimeter at the separation medium outlet, etc.
    1. Thickening and Dewatering SystemThe horizontal screw decanter centrifuge in this sludge thickening and dewatering system is available in 11 series including LW220, LW300, LW350, LW400, LW450, LW530, LW580, LW650, LW760, LW900 and LW1100. Altogether, there are more than 200 hundred models for option. Particularly, the products with large L/D ratio have notably enhanced the solid-liquid separation effects because the sedimentation
    1. Polymer Feed SystemThis polymer feed system can be remote controlled by the electrical control system in a safe, convenient and reliable way. It also has a wide application range and is especially suitable for municipal domestic sewage treatment, industrial wastewater treatment and other industries that need flocculant solution. We can also supply custom designed products to meet customers'particular requirements.
    1. Sludge Conveying SystemWithout the shaft, the screw conveyor carries materials by use of a strong rotating steel screw. Such a design can effectively avoid blockage and the impact of entanglement. Thus, the screw conveyor is capable of conveying materials in different dimensions more conveniently. It is able to efficiently deliver dry, wet, sticky, rough as well as powdery materials.
    1. Automatic Control SystemThe simple type is mostly made up of conventional electrical control components. By using it, the main centrifugal machine, feed system, dosing system and dispensing system can achieve automatic or manual operation. As for important equipment, this simple type can provide operation monitoring, failure warning, interlock protection, etc. It can satisfy control requirements of the single complete set of equipment.
  • Horizontal Screw Filtering CentrifugeOur horizontal screw filtering centrifuge separates suspensions in accordance with the filtration principle. It can achieve both solid-liquid separation and centrifugal dehydration of suspensions with the diameter of solid phase particles being 0.1 to 9mm and concentration range between 10 and 75%. This product can also be supplied with the washing function.
  • Peristaltic PumpThe peristaltic pump delivers liquids through the peristalsis of the hose driven by the rotating rollers. The hose of this product is made of strictly selected non-toxic silicon rubber or PVC which is in full conformity with hygienic standards in biochemistry and medicine fields. The liquid being transported flows only inside the hose, not in contact with other parts of this transmission device. Accordingly, there is no dead zone for cleaning and possible contamination is successfully avoided.
    1. GL-21M High Speed Refrigerated CentrifugeThis separation device has integrated multiple internationally advanced technologies. The CPU computer system makes fully automated the machine operation, rotor identification, failure warning as well as other aspects. The imported high performance frequency converter makes the driving system of the closed loop control own higher stability and reliability but produce less noise.
    1. TL-18M High Speed Desktop Refrigerated CentrifugeThe TL-18M high speed desktop refrigerated centrifuge features small size, compact structure and light weight. Owing to the strong compatibility, it can be fitted with a variety of rotors for option, such as horizontal type, blade type, microplate type and angle type. This product has a wide sphere of application. It is the important equipment used for fast separation of various cells and particle samples in medicine and health, biochemistry, scientific research as well as other sectors.
    1. TL-5.0W MicrocentrifugeThe TL-5.0W microcentrifuge is a kind of equipment extensively employed for separating ingredients of samples in the filed of biology, chemistry, medicine, etc. In addition to small volume and appealing appearance, it is also characterized by high separation factor and control accuracy, great suitability for various rotors, high cost effectiveness, etc. This product is an ideal choice for hospital, research institute as well as other departments.
    1. TL-4.7W Cell Washing CentrifugeThe TL-4.7 W cell washing centrifuge is designed with the brushless DC motor. It has been widely used in laboratories of immunohematology. This product can be applied for red blood serological tests to identify antigen and antibody, as well as for judgments of Qom's test results, etc. It is an essential instrument for hospital blood banks, laboratories, medical colleges, medical research institutes, etc.
    1. LC-6M High Capacity Refrigerated CentrifugeThe CPU computer control system adopted by this product is available with 1 to 9 gears for speed acceleration and deceleration. It can program 9 stored procedures, as well as supply digital display of rotation speed, temperature and time. This system also has protection functions, such as security alarm for over speed, imbalance, excessive temperature, belt breakage, etc.
    1. DL-8M Refrigerated CentrifugeThe DL-8M refrigerated centrifuge is characterized by the simple structure, high capacity, convenient operation and wide application range. It can be equipped with various conventional tubes and vials. Additionally, this centrifugal device adopts high strength protective layer and protection measures against imbalance, over speed and over temperature. Its imported main unit, including refrigeration unit and frequency inverter, boasts high safety and reliability but low noise.

Our main products involve horizontal separation decanter centrifuge, high speed tubular centrifuge, sludge dewatering system, biological centrifuge, etc. We adopt high level machining equipment and heat treatment devices with modern management, production and inspection. We have the complete system involving product development, production, inspection and after-sale service. In order to enhance the product quality, we produce and inspect the product in accordance with the requirements of ISO9001:2008 quality management system and the JB/T 502-2004 standard of Screw Discharge Decanter Centrifuge.

The Witness of Chinese Centrifuge History

Product Introduction

Award Shanghai Science and Technology Progress in 2005
Name Large Scale Dewatering Horizontal Decanter Centrifuge(Working Diameter of 900mm)
Model Development Time Type Specification
LW900 8 years Dewatering Type 900 mm
Max. Processing Capability Installed Power Weight (no load) Outside Dimension
240 m³/h < 220 kW 20 t 6.5 ×2.7 ×1.5 m
Feature Application Range
The product has very large processing capability. The product is the preferable choice for application in large sewage plant, mine, chemical plant, river and lake for desilting. By working with the Swiss hydraulic driving system, the product can perform better.
Award National New Product of 1995
Name GQ High Speed Tubular Centrifuge
Model Development Time Type Specification
GQ105 18 years High Speed 105 mm
Max. Processing Capability Installed Power Weight (no load) Outside Dimension
1.2 m³/h 3 kW 0.55 t 0.8 ×0.5 ×1.4 m
Feature Application Range
The product is one of the separation machines with the highest separation factor. It can solve miscellaneous difficult problems of solid-liquid separation. The product is widely used in the areas of biological product, pharmacy, beverage, etc. We are the designated supplier for Shanghai Institute of Biological Products, Changchun Institute of Biological Products, Beijing Tiantan Biological Products Co., Ltd., Lanzhou Institute of Biological Products, Shanghai RAAS Blood Products Co., Ltd. and Wahaha Group.

Award Experts Nomination Award of Shanghai International Industry Fair in 2001
Name Sludge Dewatering System
Model Development Time Type Specification
CT350 15 years Integration 350 mm
Max. Processing Capability Installed Power Weight (no load) Outside Dimension
15 m³/h < 40 kW 5 t 0.8 ×0.5 ×1.4 m
Feature Application Range
The complete set of equipment and pipeline are integrated into a whole, which can get to the field to conduct the solid-liquid separation quickly. The product is the indispensable equipment for centrifuge manufacturer. It would lead the development trend of the centrifuge market.

Award National Key New Product of 2011
Name LW Special Industrial Wastewater Treatment Horizontal Decanter Centrifuge
Model Development Time Type Specification
LW530 NY 3 years High Efficient Energy Saving Type 530 mm
Max. Processing Capability Installed Power Weight (no load) Outside Dimension
70 m³/h < 66 kW 5.2 t 3.7 ×1.6 ×1.1 m
Feature Application Range
The product is especially designed for treating complicated industrial wastewater with high density, high organic pollutant content and large change of water quality. The product can be applied in the high pollution industry such as printing and dyeing, papermaking, leather, electric power plant, coal washing and coking for wastewater treatment.